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Women’s Receding Hair Line

It is true that the male gender is associated with hair loss. Most men experience a type of hair loss at some point in their lives. Frontal hair loss is the most common hair loss type seen on men. Even very young men may suffer from a receding hairline. However, women may also experience such problems. Women’s receding hairline is rare but it does happen. Especially black women suffer from receding hairline.

There can be several reasons for a receding hairline. Black people are generally associated with their curly hair with high density. Their hairs look like they will never fall out. However, it’s the human race after all and hair loss is almost inevitable sometimes. Black women’s hairline may get thin because of hereditary reasons. If a hair loss is caused by hereditary reasons, then it’s called male/female pattern baldness.

Why Women Hair Falls Out

Female pattern baldness generally causes frontal hair to fall out just like in male pattern baldness, both are the same. However, females may not experience a massive hair loss as men do. You have a chance to see men walking on the streets with zero hair at the top of their heads. That’s a good example of men’s typical hair loss.

Women do not treat their hair the same way as men do. Men use so many products on their hair while women push their hair with curling irons to give a particular shape to them. Curlings iron is very harmful to women’s hair and cause massive damage to them.

Hair breakage is a result of long-term use of items like curling irons. When it’s combined with female pattern baldness, women may experience huge frontal hair loss which is even worse than men’s frontal hair loss. In order to prevent such hair loss, one should use constructive shampoos and stop using items like curling irons.

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