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Women Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the worst nightmares of both men and women. People may experience massive hair loss during the early days of their lives. You can even see balding teenagers who are not even above 18 these days. However, hair loss generally hits men. A receding hairline is very famous and caused by a typical hair loss, male pattern baldness. There is no certain treatment for hair loss, those who claim they can cure hair loss are potential liars. Women’s hair loss has been becoming a subject of discussion for the last years. Especially black women are the number one women crowd that is hit by a receding hairline.

There may be a couple of reasons for women’s hair loss. You know very well that women are into their hair more than men. Hair means everything for a woman. They change the color, appearance, size, and shape of their hair very often. Because of that, they visit hairdressers and designers so much. However, some women would like to take care of their hair by themselves. They especially use curling irons to give shape to their hair. This interesting device allows them to make their hair look a bit curly. However, one should watch herself while using curling irons.

Why Women Lose Their Hair?

Female pattern baldness is the primary reason for hair loss of women. Just like male pattern baldness, it hits women and causes massive hair loss starting at younger ages. There is no cure for female pattern baldness and it’s transferred via heredity.

As we mentioned above, curling irons may present danger to the health, durability, and density of your hair. The more you use curling irons, the more you damage your hair strands and make them fall. There are lots of women who are obsessed with the use of curling irons and use that hair-burning device almost every day.

You can witness women whose frontal hair strands are very short and damaged. That’s mainly because of curling irons. You should be very gentle while using them.

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