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Why is FUE the Most Preferred Hair Transplant Technique?

People of today know very well that real hair transplantation is the best hair restoration method ever. The best hair restoration job is generally associated with the possible natural results it provides to the candidates. Hair transplant procedures like FUE are the best natural result providers. However, that is not the only thing that makes people prefer such procedures. So, why is FUE the most preferred hair transplant technique? What makes it such a great hair transplant procedure? Let’s take a closer look at it in our post.

It is the truth that FUE provides considerably good natural results but this is not the only thing that makes it great. Follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) can be performed in every corner of the world. People from hundreds of countries visit famous health tourism destinations for FUE procedures. The reason why they prefer to undergo FUE procedures other than their home countries is mostly about financial benefits.

Health tourism is an industry in which people visit other countries for tourism and medical purposes. For example, Istanbul, which is the biggest city in Europe is also the biggest health tourism destination. People from all over the world prefer to visit Istanbul for FUE procedures because of its cultural heritage and aesthetic, cosmetic, and plastic procedure benefits.

Hair transplantation procedures like FUE is almost 5 times cheaper than a procedure of any clinic in Europe. People generally prefer FUE procedures in places like Istanbul just because they’re cheaper than those performed in other countries.

Some people may think that these procedures are cutthroat and that is why they’re so cheap. However, all the differences between prices are generally associated with the currency value difference between countries. Besides, the Turkish lira has been suffering from currency value loss against other famous currencies. That’s why the prices look cheaper to the tourist visiting the country.

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