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Why Is DHI the Best Hair Transplant Procedure?

You can see the words FUE and DHI in every hair transplantation article on the internet. The reason why they’re used this much is generally associated with their success rate. Both procedures are considered the best in the hair transplantation industry and can be performed in almost every country. However, DHI is considered the best hair transplant procedure in the world. So, why is DHI the best hair transplant procedure in the world? What makes it so great? Why it is not the most performed hair transplant procedure in the world as well? Let’s take a look.

DHI procedures are generally associated with the high-end medical equipment used during hair transplantation surgery. There is an implanter device that is used to perfectly perform the hair follicle plantation procedure.

Robotic calculations are also done for the best hair follicle implantation procedure. The results are naturally perfect after a DHI procedure. It also provides a faster and more comfortable recovery after the procedure. However, DHI procedures are not the number one hair transplantation procedure in the world.

The reason for that is the high-end equipment it requires. Since not all the hair transplant clinics have the inventory required for a standard DHI procedure, FUE always wins in this business. Another reason for why DHI comes after FUE is about the prices. DHI procedures are quite expensive than FUE procedures.

Some people can’t afford the high prices for DHI so they direct themselves to FUE procedures which are cheaper and quite acceptable. Besides, most clinics located in common health tourism destinations perform FUE procedures mostly. FUE procedures are one of the key figures in the health tourism. You can see people with bandages on their heads walking in the streets of Istanbul. They are definitely hair transplantation patients…

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