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Thinning Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery

Once you’ve made sure yourself that you have been suffering from hair loss, you may think that it is time for you to consider getting a good and real hair transplant procedure. Once you’ve got the best hair transplant that could ever get, your job has not still finished yet. You are worried because you feel like you are losing some of your hair strands again. And this time, your transplanted hair strands are falling out which is the worst thing that could ever happen to a hair transplant candidate. Thinning hair after hair transplant surgery is very common, so is your misconception, because this kind of hair loss after a hair transplant is not actually what you think it is.

There is no such thing that is more normal than a hair loss after a hair transplant procedure. Most people think that their hair transplant went wrong just because they see some of their hair fall out during their recovery which is not true. This is how it is explained by the experts; your immune system simply targets your newly transplanted hair follicles and makes them fall out. This generally happens within the first month of your recovery.

What To Do About Thinning Hair After Hair Transplant Surgery

The best thing you can do when you see that your hair has started falling out after your hair transplant is just to take good care of it as usual. Because this hair loss is not about how you take care of your transplanted hair. The fallen hair strands of yours will grow again and all you need to do is wait.

Your doctor will probably suggest you take minoxidil for a better hair density in the future. This medicine may be very helpful during your recovery time. However, once you’ve started using it, you should never quit taking it because your hair may return to their original size if you quit taking such medicines.

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