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Sunlight Exposure After Hair Transplant

People may think that hair transplantation is one of the simplest procedures in the world. This is one of the most common misconceptions about hair transplants and definitely not true. Every hair follicle is a different organ according to the immune system principles of your body. Your scalp may react differently to every hair follicles after your hair transplant. For example, there may be aerial infection or swelling caused by different hair follicles on your scalp. This may be caused by several actions like sunlight exposure. Sunlight exposure after hair transplant may be so dangerous to your overall scalp health or it may affect the success of your hair transplant completely.

There are so many hair transplant failure cases that have been reported and associated with the poor aftercare of the wounded scalp area. People may be so reckless after their hair transplant procedure because of the long time they have to wait for the recovery. Staying at home for weeks with bandages on your head could be annoying but it is for your best to obey these rules in order not to cause your hair transplant to fail.

Is Sunlight Bad For Hair Transplant

If you do not have to go someplace for some reason, you should not go outside with your still-wounded head. Your scalp is still healing and you need to wait for your hair follicles to adapt to your scalp tissue. You should also avoid performing activities that may make your body, especially your scalp sweat. Sweating is one of the most dangerous things that may happen to your hair transplant and may result in a hair transplant failure.

If you have to go outside, you should wear a hat. This hat should not compress or stress your scalp which may interrupt your hair follicles. This may even result in infection or swelling so it is for your own best to wear a loose and comfortable hat and make sure it does not make your scalp sweat as well.

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