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Sex During Hair Transplant Recovery

Hair transplants can be very tricky when it comes to taking the best care of them after the procedures. Most people have a bad habit to blame hair transplant surgeons for every hair transplant failure happening for some unknown reasons. However, most failure cases are generally associated with the poor aftercare of hair transplants. For example, most surgeons warn their patients that they should give a break to their sex life during the early day of their hair transplant recovery. Sex during hair transplant recovery can be harmful to hair transplants and may endanger the success of these hair transplants.

During the first two weeks of hair, transplant recovery is the most important part if you do not want to make your hair transplant fail. We do not see it necessary to tell you about the details of standard sex. When having sex, partners may lose their control for some time. Interaction with the hair plugs is almost inevitable when it comes to having passionate sex. No matter how many times you say to yourself that you will not interfere with your wounded hair transplant, you should not risk it and stay away from sex for about two weeks.

What Happens If I Touch Or Pull My Hair Transplant

The most important part of your recovery is the early days after your hair transplant procedure. Since your scalp is still wounded and in a healing process, you should avoid exposing yourself to sunlight and washing your head for some time. You should also stay away from doing activities that may make your scalp sweat. Sweating the most dangerous thing that could ever happen to your wounded scalp and may result in a hair transplant failure.

If you pull or touch your hair strands so often and so hard, you may experience severe swellings, pain, and inflammation over your surgical areas. You should strictly avoid doing these activities for the future of your hair transplant. These activities also increase the risk of infection and you would not want what may come next, partial necrosis…

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