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Severe Hair Loss

There are many types of hair loss. However, hair loss types should be examined in two ways, permanent and temporary hair loss. If you feel like you’re suffering from hair loss, you need to first see a doctor and get your scalp examined. A severe hair loss can be temporary while a slight hair loss can be a permanent one. Once you’re sure of the identity of your hair loss, you can consider getting a hair restoration procedure in the future.

Severe hair loss can be caused by many things. For example, male pattern baldness, the worst of all hair loss types, causes massive hair loss during young ages. Even some people, especially men may suffer from male pattern baldness in high school.

Severe hair loss can also be caused by the rest phase in which the scalp loses an unusual amount of hair strands for 3 months. This 3 months of period happens in every 3 years. Hair strands lost during the rest phase generally grow back. However, if it lasts more than 3 months, further hair loss is generally permanent.

Pregnancy causes hormonal irregularities which may result in severe hair loss. Many women complain that they suffered from massive hair loss during and after their pregnancy. However, this type of hair loss can be either permanent or temporary.

Chemical treatments like chemotherapy also cause massive hair loss on the scalp. This type of hair loss is mostly permanent and may depend on the treatment’s degree and term. Long-term treatments may cause further and areal hair loss as well.

High stress and depression are also believed to cause severe hair loss. If you are so depressed during the rest phase, you may suffer from further hair loss which is unfortunately permanent.

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