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Receding Hairline in Men

It is such a usual thing to see a man who’s frontal hair is thinning. Men mostly suffer from hair loss transferred via heredity. This is called male pattern baldness. Even high school boys may experience such hair loss during their youth. Receding hairline in men can be fixed with certain treatments but there is no cure for a balding head.

There are lots of medications and treatments that are believed to be successful against hair loss. For example, PRP and Mesotherapy treatments are considered one of the best hair loss treatment methods in the world but not all the people are guaranteed to achieve success with them against fighting their hair loss. However, these methods are highly recommended by most experts and doctors because they achieve good success on slowing the speed of patients’ hair loss.

Despite the fact that most men are cursed with male pattern baldness, certain treatments like hair transplantation methods achieve good results in the 2020’s world. There are lots of hair transplantation procedures that can be performed on patients with different types of hair loss. The type of hair transplantation method is generally based on the cases. For example, if a person has thin hair strands and a very thin hair density, doctors do not want to risk every hair follicle.

DHI, the Direct hair implant method is used on critical cases in which it’s better to perform robotic calculations, extraction, and plantation procedures. DHI is noted for its surgical accuracy over hair follicles’ locations. Doctors use their implanter to open microchannels on the recipient area of the scalp.

Angles and depth of the extracted hair follicles can be accurately adjusted by the implanter tool. This provides good and fast healing for DHI candidates. Even if it’s more expensive than other hair transplantation procedures, DHI is one of the most performed hair transplantation procedures in the world. Advanced hair transplantation clinics can perform DHI procedures, only.

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