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Post Hair Transplant Recovery

Post hair transplant recovery is the most important time that determines the fate of your hair transplant success. Most people who suffered from a hair transplant failure blame their surgeons and aesthetic clinics and yes, there are really some to blame, however, hair transplant patients are to blame in most cases because of their poor care taken during post hair transplant recovery. Hair transplant procedures seem so elementary to some people, however, they are actually one of the most complicated aesthetic procedures ever. Even some robots can be used during a modern hair transplant procedure like a direct hair implant.

Post hair transplant recovery requires utmost care because most of the hair transplant failure cases are generally associated with the poor aftercare of hair transplants. People do not take the best care of their hair during their recovery. The planted hair follicles will be so sensitive during your early days of recovery, so you should be very gentle with your hair plugs during this time. We know how hard you want to wash your hair but you need to be patient and wash your hair not so often during your recovery.

Need To Don’ts during Hair Transplant Recovery

You need to put a pause on your sex life during your early recovery. This is for your own best because you can not guarantee that no one, including you, will not interfere with your hair strands during sex. This is some risk that you can not take, so you better give it a break if you do not want to suffer from a failed hair transplant.

Alcohol and smoking are your worst enemies during hair transplant recovery. Your body need reconstructive feeding, like lots of water and healthy fruits, vegetables and grains. Quit your irregular eating and drinking habits as well.

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