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Pain After DHI

Standard hair transplantation is sometimes considered an easy-peasy job by some people. Do these people know that every hair follicles is an organ like a nose or liver? Surgeons open microchannels, extract a designated number of hair follicles, and plant them on the scalp. This is how a standard hair transplant procedure is performed.

Recovery from hair transplant procedures can be very annoying because there are several complications associated with hair transplantation jobs. For example, DHI procedures are considered the most comfortable and advanced hair transplantation methods in the world. However, there are even some people who experience pain after DHI procedures.

Pain after hair transplantation is not a common complication when it’s compared to other hair transplant complications like swelling, bruising, itching, and inflammation. There may be several reasons for pain seen after a DHI procedure.

It may not be a result of your hair transplant procedure at all because DHI procedures are considered the least invasive hair transplant procedures in the world. Robotic calculations and implanter provide the best surgical experience to patients. A DHI procedure offers faster and better healing for its candidates.

What To Do About Pain After DHI?

The best thing you can do is to wait if your pain is not that severe. It is probably a temporary one and will not continue hitting you. Since you can’t be so sure what’s the real reason behind your pain or headache, you wait for some time. If it becomes more severe, it’s probably the time you need to see your surgeon.

Do not ever think about taking painkillers without your doctor’s knowledge. There are thousands of painkiller types made for different types of pains. If you do not want to experience additional complications, it is for your own best to follow your doctor’s instructions and ask for some prescription drugs, lotions, or creams.

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