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Mini FUE Hair Transplant

Mini FUE hair transplant is actually how it seems like to you. It is a small version of the famous hair transplantation technique follicular unit extraction. It is performed on the smaller versions of hair loss, mostly receding hairlines of the young people.

FUE procedures whether they are full or mini ones are famous for their natural results. People generally prefer full or mini FUE procedures to keep their ethnicity look on their faces. The best hair transplant procedure is always associated with the natural results and that’s a fact. No one would ever want to look like a completely different person after a hair transplant procedure.

Mini FUE means that candidates do not suffer from massive hair loss. However, this may also mean that the candidates are maybe still suffering from an ongoing hair loss. So, surgeons should examine their patients very carefully if they want to decide to perform a mini FUE hair transplant on them.

Mini FUE procedures can be taken for affordable prices if you are okay with a visit to a foreign country. FUE procedures are famous in health tourism destinations like Istanbul. You can also enjoy the historical environment of this old city.

Hair transplant clinics in Istanbul offer procedure packages to their foreign customers. You can choose the package which suits you the most and enjoy your time in Istanbul and your hotel. We would like to tell you that hair transplantation procedures in Istanbul are 5 times cheaper there. You can also keep some of your money and enjoy your vacation as well.

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