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Male Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is always associated with males because gender is definitely cursed with it. Hair loss is every man’s nightmare because it mostly hits them at a young age and causes them to look older and terrible (mostly). Male hair loss treatment has always been a matter of discussion among men who want to do something about their hair.

There are several types of hair loss, but the most famous one is male pattern baldness for sure. It is the most common hair loss type and seen in most men. It typically starts with a receding hairline situation that keeps expanding in time. Receding hairline is mostly combined with hair loss in the crown area as well.

The best male hair loss treatment is definitely a hair transplantation surgery. Most experts still do not approve of the success of other types of hair growth or hair loss prevention treatment. For example, there are some hair growth products like minoxidil which is thought to be hair growth medicine. However, it does not fix hair loss problems or it does not make your scalp grow new hair as well.

So, what does minoxidil do, then? The reason why it’s called a hair growth product is generally associated with the types of hair follicles on the scalp. There are many types of hair follicles on your body. Even the scalp has different types of hair follicles. Some of them are weak, while some are strong ones.

Minoxidil helps your weak and small hair follicles grow longer as the bigger ones do. This growth provides a good hair density on the scalp. As for the experts who oppose the products like minoxidil, they do not approve of them because minoxidil does not promise a permanent hair growth, meaning that if stop taking it, the affected hair follicles will lose its extra growth in time.

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