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Is DHI Really Worth It?

Direct hair implantation ( DHI ) is probably the most modern hair transplantation in the world. It is a known fact that hair transplantation industry has the biggest share in the health industry. People from every country in the world prefer famous health tourism destinations for hair transplantation procedures. Places like Istanbul are known for low-cost high-quality hair transplantation procedures like DHI. So, is DHI really worth it? Why people prefer it this much? What are the alternatives to DHI? Let’s take a look at them in our post.

Direct hair implantation is the most modern and the most successful hair transplantation procedure in the world for sure. The advanced hair plantation techniques and high-end equipment allow the surgeons to perform the best hair transplantation job. DHI procedures are known for better and faster recovery periods.

The reason why people prefer it this much is generally associated with the possible after hair transplant hair loss. Some people just can’t take the risk and DHI procedures minimize the risk of such complications.

DHI procedures are actually expensive in the U.S., Europe, and the U.K. clinics. However, they can be performed for reasonable prices in health tourism destinations like Istanbul. The city is believed to be the biggest health tourism destination. It is also the biggest city in Europe and noted for its multicultural society.

FUE is the most performed hair transplantation procedure. It is very similar to DHI but it’s less advanced. It is cheaper and known for the god results just like DHI procedures. Almost every hair transplantation clinic that can perform follicular unit extraction procedures can also perform DHI procedures.

Hair transplant packages can be sold with discounts when it’s the tourism season. So you can pre-order your hair transplant package before your visit to a health tourism destination like Istanbul / TURKEY.

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