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How To Sleep After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation procedures can be seen as the simplest medical procedures in the world. This is a common misconception because a surgical operation is more than just the surgery process. Post-hair transplantation period is the most important thing because it can be really annoying to wait for your scalp to heal itself and grow new hair again. Especially sleeping is considered the biggest problem when it comes to spending recovery without any problem. A candidate should know how to sleep after hair transplantation because no one would ever want any problem with his wounded scalp during sleep.

If you want to spend hair transplant recovery period without any trouble, the first thing you need to do is find the best sleeping position for your scalp and body. You should put your body in a position in which your head will not be interfered with by anything. So, you should sleep with your bandages on your head. You simply sleep on your back and out something like a pillow under your knees. You should not turn your head to the right or left during the night so it is good for you to limit your movements during sleep as well.

So, how can you limit your movements? It’s simple, you can also put a pillow to your side where your body tends to turn to every night. Once your body’s blocked by a tight pillow, it will try to remain the same position. This is the best position you can get your body into during sleep. It may not be that comfortable limiting the movement of your body like that but you need to be patient for about 4-5 days. Once your wounds are healed and your scabs on your surgical area start showing up, you can sleep without any limitation.

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