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How To Sleep After Hair Transplant

When you make up your mind for a possible hair transplant procedure, you need to know that your biggest challenge will be your recovery period. For example, you need to know how to sleep after a hair transplant. Early hair transplant recovery is very important and the patients should take good care of themselves during this period.

There are do’s and don’ts during hair transplant recovery. For example, since your scalp is still healing from the hair transplant wounds, you are expected to provide a comfortable environment for it during recovery. You can provide this comfort by protecting your wounded scalp from environmental factors. That’s why how you spend your time during your sleep is very important.

Headbands are quite effective if you want to provide real protection for your scalp during your sleep. Since you can’t control your body while sleeping, you can take such measures to prevent any interruption that could mess with your hair transplant job.

Bandages produced for medical purposes can also be very effective during your early recovery. The critical period of your recovery ends after the first wash of your hair. When you’re allowed to wash your hair, this means that your microchannel wounds have mostly healed themselves.

However, you are still not allowed to touch or scratch your scalp for a long time. If yours is no-shave hair transplantation, you are not also allowed to pull your hair plugs whether they are the transplanted or the existing ones.

It is always best to sleep on your back and face your head to the ceiling. Once you get used to this position, you will not have to force your body to sleep in this specific position after some time. Especially when you see that scabs on your scalp start falling, this means that you’ve successfully passed the early recovery period.

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