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How Long Do Hair Transplants Last?

There are many peple who are cursed with a balding scalp situation. It generally starts with a receding hairline and is mostly caused by male pattern baldness. The best option for those who suffer from massive hair loss is a hair transplant surgery. However, there are many questions that need to be answered for those considering hair transplant procedures. For example, people want to see the answer to this question: “How long do hair transplants last?”. Let’s try to give a proper answer to this one in our post.

There are many factors that may affect the durability of a hair transplant job. How skillful and experienced your surgeon is are probably the most important thing when it comes to getting the best hair transplant job. There are some other factors that may change the fate of your hair transplant:

  • Hair density on donor area (the back of the head)
  • The age of the patient
  • Overall health status of the patient
  • Hair transplantation method used during the procedure
  • Surgeon’s skills
  • Hair follicle type ( thin, thick, intense, strong, weak)

How to Get the Best Hair Transplant?

If you want to get the best hair transplant, you need to know that the most important thing is your eligibility status for it. Most experts say that hair density on the donor area is the most important thing when it comes to being eligible for a good hair transplant. If you do not have enough hair follicles at the back of your head, it’s probably your best to stay away from such procedures.

You have two options for a good hair transplant. Direct hair implantation (DHI) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) are the most common two hair transplantation methods in the world. You can choose between those two for the best natural results. DHI is considered the best because of the robotic calculations and accurate hair follicle extraction and plantation benefits.

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