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How Hair Recover From Hair Transplant

People who’re cursed with a balding head may have different concerns about a future hair transplantation procedure. Some are afraid they may experience complications during their procedure, while some think that they will not have the exact hair transplant they ever dreamed of. However, the most important thing when it comes to getting the best hair transplant procedure is generally associated with post-hair transplant hair loss. If you experience hair loss after your procedure, you really have a right to feel concerned though. However, in order to give some reasonable explanations to these situations, you should first know how hair recover from hair transplant surgery wounds.

There may be lots of reasons behind your hair loss. For example, you may suffer from male pattern baldness or at the same time, from a hair loss caused by a specific mental depression. However, there is another kind of hair loss that can’t be completely associated with these two, hair loss after hair transplant. Not most people, almost every hair transplant patient experience hair loss after their hair transplant procedures, actually should not be called a ” loss ” because it is not. When we said you need to understand how your hair recovers from hair transplant, we actually mentioned your scalp’s job out there.

Why Hair Falls After Hair Transplant

Your recovering from hair transplant starts with your scalp’s attack on your transplanted hair follicles. This is actually an act of recovery meaning that your immune system targets them because it thinks they are a threat to your scalp and your overall body health.

However, you do not lose your hair follicles in those attacks, only your hair strands’ feeding is cut in that time and your hair follicles will grow their hair strands slowly but surely. You may suffer from these attacks over and over again until your hair follicles are completely compatible with your scalp. That’s why your full recovery may take up to 9 months. You can simply take a look at before and after photos of hair transplant patients and see how their hair density increases in time.

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