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Hot Water For Hair

Many people do not give the best care for their hair thinking they are not as important as the other components of the body are. However, most of these people feel desperate when they suffer from severe hair loss in young ages. People got used to hot water shower so hard. Every day, they take a hot water shower to relax their bodies. However, experts do not think that hot water for hair is really a good idea…

There are a couple of things that naturally cause hair loss in both men and women. For example, unlike the common misconception, if you take a bath too often this does not mean that it will decrease your hair loss. It’s actually the opposite, meaning that if you wash your hair too often, especially with hot water, this will loosen your hair follicles and cause hair loss.

If you do not want to cause massive natural hair loss on your scalp, you should mostly prefer cold water to wash your hair. Coldwater is noted for its tightening effect on the hair follicles which will result in less or none hair loss.

Coldwater also helps your muscles regenerate and repair your muscles. Most people think that hot water is the best when they come home after work, however, it’s actually the opposite. It will only prepare you for sleep but does not any positive effect on muscle repair.

We do not mean that hot water is not good for your health, it definitely is but not as much as people think it is. Both cold and hot water is good for your health but if you want to see more hair on your scalp in the future, you need to wash your hair with cold water more.

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