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Hair Wash After Hair Transplant

Did you know that 99% of hair transplant failure cases are associated with poor aftercare of hair? That’s right, a hair transplantation job is a sensitive aesthetic procedure in which individual hair follicles are extracted from your scalp and planted on it again. Your scalp is even very sensitive to the smallest cuts which means that you need to take the best care of your transplanted hair during your recovery. Hair wash after a hair transplant is the most important issue when it comes to taking care of the wounded scalp.

It is always easy to blame other people in medical life, especially aesthetic life. You simply blame your doctor for your failed hair transplant job even if you know that you’re responsible for it. All surgeons give certain instructions for hair transplant care. Hair wash is considered the most important one. You are not allowed to wash your hair for the first 4-5 days after your hair transplantation procedure. Since your wounded scalp is still fragile to external interactions, it is important for you to stay for a while to prevent your scalp from infection. Infection or trauma are the worst things that could happen to a hair transplant patient. You may experience a complete hair transplant fail or partial skin necrosis.

How Long Will Hair Transplant Recovery Take

Your recovery from hair transplantation wounds will not take more than one hour. How long a hair transplant recovery takes generally depends on which method used for hair transplantation and how good you took care of your hair during it.

You should follow your hair transplant care instructions given by your surgeon. You should consume healthy foods all the time and it’s always best to follow a diet plan during your hair transplant recovery.

Your full recovery may take up to 9 months, but this is not associated with your wounds, but your hair density. You will see that your hair density will have been increasing day by day.

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