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Hair Transplants After COVID-19

The world has been suffering from the COVID-19 crisis for almost a year and the situation is getting worse every day. However, many countries have already started their normalization movements within their borders since the financial stability of the most can’t hold it any longer. People want to return to their normal life as soon as possible. The crisis has also affected the health tourism industry across the world. For example, the biggest share of the industry was the hair transplantation field. However, the industry has long been on the edge. It is unknown how hair transplants after COVID-19 can be possible based on the current situation.

A standard hair transplantation procedure requires good overall body health. Patients should not have any serious skin disease on their scalps which may conflict with the hair transplantation procedure as well. Millions of people have already been infected by Coronavirus. Again, millions of patients have recovered from COVID-19 disease and the average recovery speed in the world has been increasing day by day.

So, can we undergo a hair transplant procedure after recovery from COVID-19? In order to answer this one, we need to understand how this disease hurts people. COVID-19 damages the respiratory system which means that lungs get sick and people suffer from severe cough, shortness in breath, and difficulty in breathing as well.

It would not be so wise to undergo any kind of medical procedure if you’re infected with Coronavirus. Even if the virus in your body is dead, you will need some time to fully recover from the negative effects of the virus. Hair transplantation eligibility does not have anything to do with the Coronavirus symptoms. However, it is always best to wait for some time even after your recovery from COVID-19 because you would not want to risk it for a procedure like hair transplantation because you can undergo it whenever you want after all.

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