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Hair Transplantation Tips

Hair transplantation procedures can be less complicated to most people, however, they are not. Hair follicles are actually independents organs of the body. They may react differently to certain treatments like a hair transplantation procedure. There are a couple of hair transplantation tips which are very crucial before and after the procedures.

One should watch what, how, and how much they eat not just before hair transplantation or any other medical procedures. Those who consume so much alcohol and smoke too much should give a break to these bad habits or completely quit them if it’s possible.

Your body will need lots of water during and after your hair transplant procedure. The more you drink water, the healthier and the faster you recover from your hair transplantation wounds. You should avoid touching and scratching your transplanted hair strands even if your itching becomes too unbearable.

Complications like itching, inflammation, redness, and swelling are mostly inevitable, so you should be always ready for them. It is up to you to get rid of them without severe damage. For example, you should not move your body too much during your early recovery. Most swelling cases are a result of too much body movement made during early recovery.

No matter what happens, avoid taking medicines, applying creams and lotions without your doctor’s knowledge. If you suffer from a severe complication, you simply visit your doctor and review your options. He/she will suggest you some prescription drugs, lotions, and creams if it’s necessary.

Don’t mind if you experience a shock hair loss. Shock hair loss is not a permanent hair loss. Permanent hair loss caused by shock hair loss is very rare. Once you lost your hair, it will regain its full density after a long time. You need to be patient because it may even take up to 9 months to fully recover its density sometimes.

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