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Hair Transplantation Problems

Hair transplantation procedures of today have been quite smooth for some time when they’re cımpared to those of the past. People who suffer from a type of hair loss and considered eligible by their surgeons can undergo a real hair transplant without any unexpected problem. The risk of possible severe complications after today’s real hair transplantation procedures is very low. However, since they are invasive medical procedures, hair transplantation problems are sometimes inevitable.

One of the most annoying things when it comes to getting real hair transplantation is that you are expected to undergo full-shave hair transplantations. Most experts say that it is best for candidates to undergo full-shave real hair transplants for the best comfort during the procedures. It’s for sure that hair transplant surgeons can also perform no-shave hair transplantation procedures, however, it’s more comfortable when it’s performed full-shave.

Hair transplantation procedures require patients to stay at home for some time. There will be thousands of wounded microchannels on the scalp after real hair transplantation procedures. All of them need some time to recover. During this time, sweating, sunlight exposure, water exposure ( during the first 4-5 days ) should be avoided.

Most people generally get nervous when they see that their newly transplanted hair strands start falling out after their hair transplantation procedure. This is not a permanent hair loss, it’s called shock hair loss. The hair density will return to normal and the lost hair follicles will grow their hair strands in time. This may take up to 9 months but the loss is temporary for sure.

Stayin at home all that long can be very annoying but it’s a must if you do not want to suffer from terrible complications. If you expose yourself to water, sunlight and make your scalp sweat before the right time, this may even result in a hair transplantation failure.

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