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Hair Transplantation During Covid-19

Hormonal changes and heredity are the reasons for hair loss problems. But, stress is the major reason for hair loss and the only way to get rid of this problem hair transplantation procedures. Well, is it safe to get hair transplantation during Covid-19?

When we consider the Covid-19 still affects the whole world, it is normal to worry about getting a hair transplantation procedure during Covid-19. But, you shouldn’t be worried because hair transplantation procedures are performed in sterile operation rooms with UV lights. So, we can say that these procedures include almost no risks.

Measures Taken By Hospitals During Covid-19

Also, before the hair transplantation procedure, hospitals apply strict restrictions to reduce the possibility of infected by Covid-19. Besides that measures that known by everyone like washing hand, paying attention to social distance, and wearing masks, hospitals apply measures like the following:

  • Getting a Covid-19 test before coming to Turkey
  • Extra hygiene and cleaning rules of transfer companies
  • Our hotel selection was in favor of clean and safe hotels.
  • High-level epidemic measures were taken in hospitals
  • Continuous covid-19 test by the hair transplant team

It Is Safe To Get A Hair Transplantation During Covid-19

Overall, In these days, when we are still experiencing the effects of Covid-19, having a hair transplant surgery can make you nervous. Considering that stress is one of the most important reasons for hair loss, it’s pleasant to say that there is an increase in the number of people with hair loss problems these days.

We also know that one of the long-term side effects of Covid-19 is hair loss. For this reason, hair transplant surgeries seem to have become a necessity for many people. It would not be wrong to state that having a hair transplant procedure in hospitals where Covid-19 measures are strictly applied, and these procedures don’t carry any risk related to Covid-19.

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