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Hair Transplant for Old People

No surgeon would ever perform a hair transplantation procedure that he knows it will fail. Hair transplantation failure means that most or all of the transplanted hair follicles fall out sometime after the procedure. That’s why some people’s possible hair transplantation procedure can be very risky in terms of its success. A hair transplant for old people may need certain eligibility requirements.

Every hair transplantation procedure has one main purpose, a true success. This means that the transplanted hair follicles are not supposed to fall after the procedure. People’s scalps are examined by both hair transplant surgeons and dermatologists to make sure that they are eligible for a hair transplant procedure.

Old people are so likely to experience hair loss because of aging. Even male pattern baldness stops at some point when people are at a considerably young age. However, old people can not be trusted about their hair loss. However, if they are not suffering from a severe hair loss, their hair transplant surgeons and dermatologists may agree with the idea of a possible hair transplantation procedure.

Most experts do not suggest hair transplant procedures for young and old people. Those who are under 18 and above 70 have a high risk of further hair loss. Young people are more likely to suffer from male or female pattern baldness for years. And those over 70 will definitely suffer from hair loss because of aging.

Most experts suggest artificial hair implants for their old patients. Artificial hair implants are made of synthetic fibers and do not fall. However, they will need more care than real hair needs. Special chemicals and hair care products should be used for artificial hair strands.

Since they are not real hair strands, they will definitely deform in time no matter how hard people take care of them. After a complete deformation, old people met need replacements for their artificial hair implants.

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