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Hair Transplant for Beard

When it comes to speaking of a real hair transplant procedure, people always think that they are performed on the scalp only which is actually a common misconception. Hair transplantation procedures can also be performed for beard, eyebrows, and mustache as well. They are all formed by hair follicles and the procedures are performed as in hair transplantation procedures. For example, hair transplant for a beard is not a common procedure but the rising beard trend makes beardless people want to undergo such procedures these days.

There are over 7 billion in the world and each of them has different body characteristics. For example, some men have a great deal of hair density while some do not have a single hair on their bodies. Similarly, there are men with enormous beards and men with no single hair on their faces. So, men without a beard may want to see a good beard on their faces and may want to do whatever it takes to get it.

A hair transplantation procedure makes it possible to have a beard. Enough amount of hair follicles are extracted from designated donor areas on the body and planted on the patients’ faces. Hair follicles are not generally used for beard because the number of people who can sacrifice a bit from their scalp hair is not too many. No one would like to lose any hair on their scalp because men are already cursed with hair loss and they’re obsessed with their hairs.

A hair transplant for a beard generally takes a single session to perform. This means that you do not have to undergo multiple sessions which may cause longer recovery periods. Beard hair transplant procedures are almost success-guaranteed, however, since it’s still a medical surgery, there is always risk of complications.

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