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Hair Transplant Facts

Hair transplant procedures have probably the biggest share in the health tourism industry. Thousands of people visit famous health tourism destinations for hair transplant procedures every year. Hair transplant procedures can be seen as the least complicated medical procedures by many, however, this is a common misconception because it actually needs the best care just like any other surgery in the industry. There are a couple of hair transplant facts we think that you should know before thinking of a procedure in the future. Let’s take a closer look at them in our post.

There are two main techniques that come to mind when it comes to speaking of real hair transplant procedures. Follicular hair extraction ( FUE ) and Direct hair implantation ( DHI ) are the leading hair transplantation techniques in the industry. Both of these procedures can be performed in every corner of the world. Hair transplantation procedures are performed in hair transplant clinics and hospitals.

Unlike the common misconception among most people, hair transplantation is not a hair loss treatment. It does not stop any kind of hair loss or it does not create new hair follicles on your scalp. Your own existing hair follicles are extracted from the back of your head ( donor area ) and planted on your recipient area, where you’ve been suffering from hair loss.

Some people may even think that donor area can grow new hair on the scalp’s extraction site. This is completely ridiculous because hair follicles are individual organs of your body. When they’re gone, they’re completely gone. There is no way to create new and fresh hair follicles.

Shock hair loss is not a terrible thing, it can be annoying but your lost hair strands will return to your scalp after a long time. It’s a common complication that can be seen after most of the real hair transplantation procedures. The hair strand regeneration period may take up to 9 months.

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