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Hair Transplant Durability

Hair transplant durability is an important subject when it comes to considering a hair transplant procedure. A standard hair transplantation procedure like DHI involves extraction and plantation of patients’ existing hair follicles. So this means that nobody would ever want to undergo such operation with knowing that they will lose their transplanted hair after some. Hair transplant procedures are performed to provide a normal lifetime hair density to people. This means that nobody can possibly know how long a hair transplant keeps its fresh look. As you get older, you will experience thinning hair again, but not because of a type of hair loss like male pattern baldness.

Real hair transplants should not be associated with the word ” durability ” like hair implants. Artificial hair implantation procedures are done based on their durability criteria. This means that candidates already know about the fact that their hair implants will lose its durability in time. The fresh look, in the beginning, will disappear no matter how good they look after their hair implants. Hair implants are cheaper than real hair transplant procedures but considering the future replacements, this is completely wrong. Hair implantation candidates should have to pay for hair implant replacements in the future.

Good Care of Hair Transplant

You need to wait for some time to wash your hair. Your scabbing will start falling after some time, probably 4-5 days. You will need to wait until that time and then you can wash your hair. However, it’s still for your best that you wash your hair very gently. Do not pull or go hard on your hair plugs during the wash.

Sunlight and sweating are the worst enemies of transplanted hair. You should not expose your scalp to sunlight and you should not also take any action that could make your scalp sweat.

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