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Hair Transplant And Smoking

It is not necessary to say that smoking is dangerous to your health because everyone knows how bad is smoking to health. Smoking affects almost every function of the body in a bad way and causes several failures in people’s immune systems. So, is there any connection between hair loss and smoking? Or let’s ask another question, is there any relationship between hair transplant and smoking risks? Let’s try to understand these questions in our post.

Understanding Hair Transplants

You should know that a transplanted hair is also real hair, meaning that it is extracted from a donor area of the scalp ( usually back of the head ) and implanted on the recipient area.

It takes at least 9 months for transplanted hair to fully grow back. During this time, the patient should take extra care of his hair and avoid doing some bad habits.

Hair roots need a long time to adapt to their new place. You should consume lots of water and eat healthy fruits more than ever. Smoking interrupts the oxygen circulation inside blood vessels and cause breathing problems.

Hair Transplant Recovery Care

In order to prevent your newly implanted hair from falling out, you should quit smoking and drinking alcohol. Drinking alcohol increases dehydration in the body and if you don’t consume more water than usual, the body will not receive the water it needs. It is always best for you to quit these bad habits not only after your hair transplantation surgery but also during your whole life.

Smoking habit may cause your rest phase to last longer than usual. An ordinary rest phase of hair happens every 3 years and lasts for 3 months. Many types of hair loss are caused by the irregular performance of the rest phase.

After a typical hair transplantation procedure, the transplanted hair completely falls out and regrows back during the recovery time. Some people may think that the transplantation has failed but that’s not true.

The scalp adapts to the new hair strands and this has nothing to do with the rest phase. In order to make a connection between the rest phase and hair loss, your hair should reach its final form after at least 9 months of recovery.

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