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Hair Transplant Aftermath

The hair transplant aftermath is probably the most important period, unlike most people’s thoughts. It is true that the person who will perform your hair transplant procedure is important, however, even if you get the best hair transplant surgery, there is always a risk of complications, even a hair transplant failure.

Hair transplant procedures of today are unbelievably perfect when they’re compared to those cutthroat procedures of the past. It is true that many people had to suffer from terrible side effects because of poor procedures that were performed by unskilled and inexperienced hair transplant surgeons.

A hair transplant patient should be very careful after the surgery because every hair follicle may react differently to the hair transplantation job. For example, a patient should not do actions that may make his scalp sweat because there are thousands of microchannels opened for the extracted hair follicles. The channels need some time to fully recover themselves. During this time, forcing the scalp to sweat like that may result in terrible complications, even a hair transplant failure.

It is always best to cover the wounded scalp with a hat. A hair transplant job needs protection from sunlight. Even water expose is dangerous during the early days of hair transplant recovery. Once you see some scabs falling from your scalp, it means that the most dangerous part of this job is over.

Scabs mean that your early wounds (microchannels) almost completed healing themselves, and you are free to wash your hair with proper water. You should use warm water instead of hot and cold because your hair follicles and microchannels are still too sensitive for such temperatures.

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