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Hair Transplant After Chemotherapy

Every candidate for a hair transplant wants a successful procedure. The success rate of a hair transplant is generally associated with hair loss after the procedures. There may also be several severe complications after a hair transplantation procedure that may result in failure, however, most success stories are about the after-balding situation.

There is some treatment that may cause massive hair loss on the scalp. Treatments that involve the injection of strong chemicals may interfere with the hair follicles on the scalp. Chemotherapy is the most common treatment that involves the injection of strong chemicals.

Understanding Chemotherapy

Cancer is one of the most severe diseases in the world and there is still no certain treatment for it. There are a couple of ways to fight against cancer that occurred in several parts of the body. However, there is still no cure for lung cancer.

Chemotherapy treatment is given to patients with advancing cancer in order to reduce the severeness of the disease. The success rate of chemotherapy is very low there is always a chance of survival from the disease with regeneration. The chemotherapy treatment aims to destroy the cancer cells that are killing the living tissue.

The strong chemicals included in the session also destroy the healthy blood cells while they’re destroying the cancer cells. That is the main reason why people lose their hair after chemotherapy. The scalp is responsible for feeding the hair follicles. The scalp tissue itself is fed by the flowing healthy blood cells. When chemo chemicals kill the healthy blood cells, the scalp can’t feed the hair follicles which eventually lead to hair loss.

If you want to get hair transplantation after chemotherapy, you may want to get your overall health condition checked. You have to make sure that all the effects of chemotherapy have left your body. Consult your dermatologist and your aesthetic surgeon if you are suitable for a hair transplant job or not. Other than that, it is dangerous if you want to get yourself a procedure by ignoring your previous chemo treatment effects.

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