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Hair Lotions for Hair Growth

It is always accepted that if you have a hair loss and look for some natural remedy for your problem. No one would ever want to get themselves cut under a medical procedure before trying out some natural or non-surgical methods. For example, many people prefer hair lotions for hair growth even if there’s still no scientific evidence that they are effective against hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by several reasons. Based on the cases, some hair care products may completely stop or reduce the speed of hair loss. For example, pregnancy may cause temporary or permanent hair loss. The very first thing that you should do before you take some action is to find out the reason behind your hair loss.

For example, there is a typical period called the “rest phase” in which more hair follicles than usual fall for 3 months every 3 years. After the rest phase, your scalp is supposed to recover the lost hair strands. However, there may be several unexpected factors that may cause the rest phase to last longer than expected.

Male pattern baldness mostly hits people during the rest phase and cause massive permanent hair loss. Some hair care products like hair lotions or creams can be used to reduce the speed of male pattern baldness but they are not useful in long-term periods.

Coconut oil is the best you can do find on the market if you want to take the best natural care for your hair. Coconut is considered the best nourishing conditioner and has a great effect on increasing hair density. However, if you use coconut oil and take bath too often, you may also suffer from hair loss, especially when you use hot water during your baths.

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