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Hair Fall After Shower

Hair fall after a shower is a common problem of people, especially men. Most people think that they suffer from a type of hair loss when they see a considerably massive amount of hair falling after they took a shower. However, you may not be so sure whether you’re really suffering from a hair loss or not just by looking at the fallen hair strands after the shower. Some people’s hair does not fall from their scalps because the hair density is too high. However, some fallen hair strands may be stuck inside other hair strands and manage to fall during and after shower.

If you feel like you’re suffering from hair loss, you need to first see a doctor and get your scalp checked for possible skin diseases. Once you’re sure there’s nothing nothing wrong with you, you need to schedule the times you take a shower.

You should not take a shower so often because it is not as healthy as it seems . The more you take a shower, the faster and the more you lose hair. Once you destroy the oil that your scalp produced, your hair follicles will not able to feed themselves from this special oil.

Unlike the common thought, if you do not take a shower so often and do not also hot water for that, you will not cause further hair loss. Hot water is not your friend if you’re suffering from hair loss because it does not help your body tighten your hair strands.

If you take a shower not so often and prefer cold water for that, you will minimilize the risk of hair loss for sure. Cold water is the most efficient one if you want to tighten your muscles and hair follicles.

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