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FUE Hair Transplant Preparation

Follicular hair extraction is a common hair transplant in which surgeons personally extract and plant the hair follicles. This allows most aesthetic and hair clinics to perform FUE procedures without any problem. Surgeons from every corner of the world can perform good FUE hair transplantation procedures even with the average equipment. However, it’s not always about the surgeons, but the candidates. FUE hair transplant preparation also requires candidates who know the seriousness of such procedures as well.

Most people do not give so much attention to the safety and seriousness of hair transplantation procedures. Since there are billions of products that are associated with hair care and hair loss, people think that hair is not that important when it’s compared to other parts of the body.

Since people do not give so much attention to hair plantation safety and seriousness, they may think of these procedures as least complicated, easy-peasy jobs. However, one should know that every hair follicles that includes on the scalp is an individual organ. Every hair follicle consists of 2-4 hair strands.

A hair transplantation procedure is actually a hair follicle transplantation. Your individual hair follicles are extracted during a standard FUE and DHI procedure, not your hair strands. And hair loss means that you completely lose your hair follicles, not hair strands.

A good FUE hair transplant candidate should have the shortest hair before the procedure. Surgeons and patients can have the best comfort when the candidates’ heads are fully shaved. No-shave FUE procedures are also very common but they are not suggested by most surgeons.

The reason why no-shave FUE is not suggested by experts is generally associated with shock hair loss, a hair loss type in which people lose their transplanted hair strands at some point in their hair transplant recovery. This kind of loss is mostly temporary but surgeons add that it is pointless to have a no-shave FUE because you will already lose the transplanted hair in the beginning

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