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FUE for Eyebrow

A person’s appearance can completely be changed with aesthetic, plastic, and cosmetic procedures. One can be completely recognizable by other people with a single aesthetic procedure. For example, hair transplantation procedures can provide a different appearance to some people. Follicular unit extraction ( FUE ) and direct hair implant ( DHI ) procedures are the most performed hair transplantation procedures in the world. However, surgeons can perform FUE for eyebrow transplantation procedures as well.

Every person living in the world has different physical characteristics in terms of hair colour, height, skin colour etc. Some people even have different types of eyebrows. The color of eyebrows may even be different from person to person. However, some people may not have enough hair density on their eyebrows. Eyebrows with a good density are the dream of every woman in the world and some of these women achieve their dream with eyebrow transplantation procedures.

Eyebrow transplantation procedures have the same surgery principles as hair transplantation jobs have. Surgeons mark some hairy areas in patients’ bodies which are later to be used as donor areas. After the hair follicle extraction process is completed, certain areas on eyebrows will be filled with these hair follicles planted by the surgeons.

Eyebrow transplantation procedures are generally performed in a single session while hair transplantation procedures may take more than one session. The success rate of eyebrow hair transplantation is almost 100% with FUE and DHI methods. DHI procedures can be a bit expensive but the hair follicle plantation process is more accurate when it’s compared to FUE.

Eyebrow transplantation are not recognizable by other people and known for good results. Eyebrows are important elements that reflect the ethnicity look of the patients. Surgeons should also be careful during the hair follicle plantation process because it would be weird if a black person looks like an Indian after an eyebrow hair transplantation procedure.

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