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Frontal Hair Transplant

Since there are many types of hair loss, people may experience hair loss in different areas of the scalp. The top of the head and the frontal area of the scalp are the most common places that people suffer from hair loss. Once the hair loss goes to higher levels, people consider getting hair transplant surgery. Some hair loss types are really bad ones, especially male pattern baldness which hit the frontal scalp area. Frontal hair transplant is one of the most performed hair transplant procedures in the world because of the high number of cases.

Frontal hair loss is generally caused by male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness is a kind of hair loss that is transferred via heredity. The best and only solution for hair loss caused by male pattern baldness is a possible hair transplantation procedure. FUE and DHI are the best methods on the market that victims of male pattern baldness prefer.

How is Frontal Hair Transplantation Done

Actually, when it comes to a good hair transplant procedure, it does not matter if you are suffering from frontal baldness or any other place. Your surgery map is built by your surgeon based on your demand and the skills of your surgeon. FUE and DHI methods are famous for giving the most natural results. Whether you’re experiencing your hair loss on your frontal area or not, both of these techniques allow you to get the desired results.

Almost 95% of the hair transplant candidates are believed to suffer from male pattern baldness which hit the frontal head. The known steps are performed during a standard FUE or DHI procedure to provide enough density to hair. The success rate of these techniques is generally associated with after-recovery hair loss. If you don’t experience a massive loss after your procedure, it seems you got a good hair transplant.

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