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Eyebrow Restoration

Every person living in the world has unique bodies. From the immune system to the length of the arms, from the thickness of the eyebrows to nasal septum shape on the nose can be different. But these differences can be seen as negative factors in terms of physical appearance. For example, some people may have thin eyebrows when compared to other people. Mia Goth, the famous British actress is also famous for her very thin eyebrows. They are barely noticeable, however, she seems okay with her eyebrows. But not all the people are like Mia Goth. People who don’t want to draw their own eyebrow with make-up pens typically consider getting an eyebrow restoration, or transplantation.

Reasons For Eyebrow Loss

There may be several reasons for eyebrow loss. Heredity is one of the main factors that cause eyebrow loss and can not be cured with medication or any other related treatment. A chemical treatment administered for fighting against a chronic disease may also cause eyebrow loss. Chemotherapy is the most common treatment which is known for causing eyebrow to fall out. The thyroid gland produces hormones to balance the hair on the person’s body. Irregularities on the thyroid gland may cause body hair to fall out. Especially hair strands on the scalp and eyebrows start to thin because of these irregularities occurred from the thyroid gland.

Eyebrow transplant Surgery

A typical eyebrow transplant surgery involves the extraction of individual hair strands located above your ears. You are administered a general anesthetic and small incisions are made by your surgeon at the donor area of your scalp. After that, the extracted hair follicles are implanted on the recipient area ( your eyebrows ). A typical eyebrow transplant procedure takes 3 hours.

Eyebrow transplant procedures are known for the most natural giving results among the other aesthetic transplantation procedures. However, there is always a chance for newly transplanted follicles not to produce new hair strands on the eyebrow area. This is actually rare and considered one of the most important risks that a candidate must take.

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