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Donor Area Problems

People who consider getting a hair transplant job have concerns about the growth duration of their transplanted hair mostly. It is true that waiting for a long time to see some hair growth on the scalp may be a bit annoying. However, this procedure requires patience and extra care. There may be some other problems which are not related to such concerns. For example, donor area problems are mostly ignored because people generally focus on their recipient areas before and after hair transplant procedures.

There are a couple of common before and after surgery problems that are associated with donor areas. The most important problem is actually when there is not enough hair follicle density included at the back of the head. If a patient does not have enough hair density at the back of his head, he is considered not qualified.

Some doctors may perform hair transplant procedures on candidates who do not have enough hair follicles at the back of their heads. However, this is completely dangerous and may result in bad exhausted donor area situations.

If you do not have enough hair follicles at your head’s back, I’m sorry to say this but you can forget about hair transplant surgery. You would not want to suffer from a visibly lower hair density at the back of your head. It has happened in the past that some people’s lives ruined just because they did not give so much attention to the inadequate donor area warnings from their surgeons.

Another problem that can be related to the donor area is a possible redness after a hair transplantation procedure. This is actually very normal and typical because hair follicles are extracted from your donor area with force and this may cause bleeding and slight complications on your scalp.

Redness may cause slight swelling and itching, however, none of them should be taken seriously.

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