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Does Hair Transplant Last Forever

Your hair is the formation of little organs called hair follicles. Hair follicles are considered the smallest organs of the body. Every hair follicle has 1-4 hair strands and hair transplantation is done by transferring the hair follicles, not the individual hair strands. If you would like to get an answer to the question ” Does hair transplant last forever? ” you should first understand one thing: They are alive tissue organs since you will not live forever, it would be ridiculous to expect them to live forever either.

Every person who is considered himself a hair transplant candidate simply wants the best hair transplant procedure. The best hair transplant has the most natural results and does not fall out. Even the strongest hair strands will fall out sometime. However, nobody wants a massive fall out after a hair transplantation procedure. If your head keeps balding even after your hair transplant procedure, then your procedure can be concluded as a failure.

How Successful Are Hair Transplants

If your hair follicles are predisposed to fall out, your dreams upon a good hair transplant may be over and it is not worth taking the risk. Male pattern baldness is a tough hair loss type to fight against. Most people’s hair follicles on the back of the head are resistant to male pattern baldness, however, some can’t stand it.

Hair transplant procedures are performed to get the best results. Surgeons guarantee that your hair strands will not fall out. The first wave of your transplanted hair will fall out but this is normal since the scalp tissue attacks them thinking that they are a threat to the body. The new compatible hair strands will grow after some time and they will be just fine. You will see a fully grown hair after at least 9 months. Before 9 months, it is not a good thing to say that either your hair transplant has failed or not.

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