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Diffuse Hair Loss

Diffuse hair loss is one of the most known hair losses in this field. People lose their hair equally all over their scalps and the topical look decreases in time. Diffuse hair loss is mostly considered a nightmare at young ages because it makes young people look older.

However, you may have a couple of options for your hair loss on the scalp. For example, there are some hair growth drugs that can even be suggested by dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons. These products provide temporary growth to your weak hair follicles.

Your weak hair follicles grow bigger and longer when you use hair growth products like finasteride or minoxidil. You need to keep using such products or your hair follicles will return to their original size after some time. However, you can enjoy the topical effect that is provided by such products.

Such products can be used after hair transplantation procedures depending on the surgeon’s choices. Some surgeons suggest while some don’t. The reason why not all of the hair transplant surgeons suggest such hair growth products is generally associated with its usage and success rate.

Since it gives a temporary boost to your hair follicles, they do not seem as successful by most hair transplant surgeons. However, they are not considered harmful by most experts either, so you can use them if your doctor thinks you’re really eligible for them.

You can do something else if you have diffuse hair loss on your scalp. You can choose a hair restoration procedure called ” scalp micropigmentation “. Little pigments are planted on your scalp providing a good topical effect. However, you will have to use short haircuts like buzz haircut style because these pigments are not real hair follicles, they do not grow longer.

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