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DHI Hair Restoration

Direct hair implant or DHI hair restoration is one of the most common hair transplant procedures in the world. The most important feature of this hair transplantation procedure is the instrument used during the extraction and plantation process of the hair follicles. The implant provides a better landing for hair follicles, especially during the plantation process. Calculations made by advanced robotic devices increase the natural appearance rate of the hair transplantation job. Direct hair implants are considered one of the most successful hair transplant procedures in the world today.

However, there are a couple of negative things about direct hair implementations. First, DHI procedures cannot be performed in every place or country. Second, DHI procedures are considerably more expensive than other hair transplant procedures.

Not all people can afford the cost for direct hair procedures but there is a good way to get a good one at lower prices. One can try other countries for such procedures. Countries like Turkey and Pakistan have hundreds of hair transplantation clinics that are able to carry out good DHI procedures with also good prices.


DHI procedures involve robotic calculations and high-end equipment. DHI and FUE have the same hair transplantation principles. Most people can afford a good FUE procedure because they are cheaper than FUE. That’s why FUE is the most preferred hair transplantation procedure in the world. The most advanced DHI and FUE procedures are performed in Turkey, Pakistan, and India. The aesthetic world should not be associated with the financial size of a country.

If you do not have enough money to buy a DHI hair transplant package, we suggest you find a good clinic that can offer you a good FUE procedure. Fur, follicular unit extraction, is also good at providing good natural results. Black and Asian people mostly prefer FUE and DHI procedures because they want to keep their ethnicity look at their appearance.

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