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DHI Aftercare Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant may be one of the quickest hair restoration methods with the highest success rate. However, if you don’t pay attention to the aftercare, all these will mean nothing. It is important to follow the instructions of your surgeon after the operation for quick DHI aftercare and better results.

Some of these include not touching the operation area for at least three days, no matter how much it itches, and sleeping on your side or back for four to five days. Your practitioner or surgeon will recommend to you everything you need to know to ensure a quick and healthy recovery. However, we also would like to share some details in this guide.

What Should We Do After DHI?

You should not forget that DHI is still microsurgery, and your body needs to recover. Thus, you should avoid exercising for at least seven days and heavy lifting for at least two weeks. It is also recommended to avoid direct sunlight exposure for a month. Patients also need to avoid swimming at sea for a week and pool for two weeks.

Another important detail is not smoking. If you are an addict, you still need to avoid smoking for at least three days after the operation. More importantly, you should never miss any of your scheduled appointments with your surgeon.

How Long Does DHI Take to Heal?

On average, patients fully recover after the DHI hair transplant between three to four months. However, many factors can affect this recovery period. If you follow all the recommendations of your surgeon and pay attention to your health, this period will be shorter.

On the other hand, if you continue your life as you did not get any DHI hair transplant, this will adversely affect the recovery period. Besides long recovery, the results of the operation may be poor too.

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