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David Silva Hair Transplant

David Silva, one of the greatest football players the world has ever seen, once was famous for his long hair. He later suffered from his balding hair and changed his hairstyle. The long hair was gone and he preferred a hairstyle like the famous football player Zinedine Zidane. There have been rumors about him mentioning that it is possible that he may secretly have had a hair transplantation surgery.

David Silva haven’t mentioned his secret procedure but his fans made it very clear that he actually did have a hair transplantation surgery. Since his hair has never been seen completely bald, specialists say that he may have had a procedure of Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE.

The method is famous for its option including the complete removal of the hair or not. People suffering from balding hair generally prefer not to get all of their completely removed during their hair transplantation procedure.

According to most surgeons, the FUE method is the best for such procedures. The health tourism industry has been developing with advanced technological methods’ and the equipment’s invention. Because of the cheaper prices and better surgeons, people from all over Europe prefer other countries like Turkey, especially Istanbul city.

As for David Silva, I’m sure that he doesn’t have any financial problems and London must be the place where he must have had his hair transplantation surgery. But it’s important for you that the procedure is the same. The same FUE method is massively performed in countries like Turkey. This blog site aims to guide every type of person who would like to get treatment without paying funny prices.

Considering the prices between the Clinics in Turkey and those in England, especially London, British prices are almost 5 times higher than Turkish ones. Don’t let these numbers misguide you, because the Clinics in Turkey are considered the best ones in the World. They have all the procedure photos included on their websites and they are mostly available to all people.

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