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Covid-19 Impact on Hair Transplant Industry

Hair transplant procedures are one of the most performed aesthetic procedures in the modern world and it has the most share from the aesthetic world. People living in every corner of the earth visit other countries to get a good hair transplant procedure, typically an FUE or DHI procedure. However, not just hair transplant procedures, but also the whole aesthetic industry is so fragile in terms of the world’s economic situation. Since Coronavirus has shattered the world’s economical stability, COVID-19 impact on the hair transplant industry is almost inevitable.

Most people would like to get the best hair transplant procedure with the most reasonable price they could afford. So this leads them to visit another country with huge aesthetic industry potential. Turkey is maybe the biggest destination in terms of aesthetic procedures and the unofficial capital of the country, Istanbul’s aesthetic industry is believed to be worth $2 billion every day. However, the world has activated its shields against Coronavirus and people locked themselves up in their houses. During the days of quarantine, it is very hard for a person to consider getting a hair transplant…

Can I Get Hair Transplant During COVID-19 Quarantina

Most of the modern countries of the world declared curfews during the days of quarantina. Of course, this was the right decision because no one would ever risk the fate of the economical future of the world just because of a virus. However, the aesthetic industry has got the biggest hit during the quarantine days and most clinics ended their contracts with some of their employees because of this economical depression caused by COVID-19.

During this kind of chaos, nobody would like to get a hair transplant. The consequences would be terrible if someone has a hair transplant procedure and gets infected by Coronavirus. Severe symptoms of Coronavirus may even lead to death and a possible hair transplant may fail because of the immune system’s destruction as well.

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