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Cold Water For Hair

People are always obsessed with the concepts that are in fact urban legends. For example, most people think that hot water is a remedy for everything. This is a total misconception because hot water mostly relaxes your body but it is not so good for your hair. Especially hair experts and doctors say that people should prefer cold water for hair care for some reason…

When you expose your hair follicles to cold water, it simply tightens them. As your hair follicles are tightened, the risk of hair loss goes down. It is not so good to take cold water shower often and all the time but you need to do this for at least once in a week.

It is true that cold water is so beneficial to your hair care, however, you should not take shower very often. This is not about the temperature of the water actually. If you take shower too often you will cause extra dryness on your scalp which may cause unexpected hair loss.

Your scalp produces a special type of oil that is required for your hair follicles. The hair follicles feed themselves from the scalp’s oil and stay alive. When you take a bath too often, this will clean up the scalp oil as well. When the hair follicles do not take the feeding they needed, this will result in hair loss.

Dryness causes your skin to shed like your hair strands. You need to drink lots of water every day and be careful about your hair wash schedule.

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