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Beard Transplant With FUE

There are thousands of people who would like to undergo hair transplant procedures every year. However, the number of those who would like to undergo beard transplantation has also been increasing year by year. Beard transplant procedures are performed based on a standard hair transplantation procedure ( FUE ) principles. Beard transplant with FUE is possible these days and procedures do not even take more than 3-4 hrs in a single session.

The number of people who have thin beards is very high. Beard and mustache are seen as images of masculinity by most people. Some people do not even have a single hair on their faces while some do not have the desired hair density. There may be some other reason for a person to consider getting a beard transplant as well. Some people want something that they do not have while others do. Beard and mustache are considered natural make-up for men. Even women say that the best women make-up can’t achieve a cool appearance a good beard could achieve.

During a standard procedure of beard transplant with FUE, hair follicles are extracted from patients’ bodies and planted on their faces in a way that will make them look natural as they were. Most beard transplantation procedures can be performed in a single session while standard hair transplantation procedures may take more than just one.

The donor area ( hair follicle extraction sites ), and the recipient area ( beard and mustache area ) may suffer from redness, itching during recovery. Especially swelling over recipient area is very common and is also seen in standard hair transplant procedures so often.

Beard transplantation patients should not walk so much and rest in the house during their early recovery. Swelling is caused because patients walk too much before their face and donor area heal themselves. Most patients can return their work within 2-3 days.

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