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Arab Hair Transplant

People may question the ethnicity factor over hair transplantation procedures. They have a right to do so. How can hair transplantation procedures be performed differently according to their ethnicity? Chinese, Indian, Arabian… They all have different types of hairs, however, all of these people have the same hair follicle structure. The roots look the same. A standard hair transplantation procedure involves the extraction of these roots ( hair follicles ). These hair roots are planted on the recipient area of the patients after that. So, how an Arab hair transplant is done according to this information? Let’s take a look.

People have different types of hair. Straight, wavy, curly, thin, thick, and so on. Hair can be brown, black, yellow, red, etc. Arabs and afro people are so identical because of their hair. The majority of these people have curly hairs. Hair transplantation procedures of these people require different hair follicles angle and depth calculations. These calculations are made during a Direct Hair Implantation ( DHI ) procedures the best.

DHI procedures are widely preferred by Arabs and Afro Americans because it provides the best natural results. Microchannels opened during DHI hair transplantation procedures are quite accurate when they are compared to those opened during Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE ) procedures.

DHI procedures can’t be performed in every hair transplant clinic or hospital. It involves the use of certain high-end equipment. Since advanced medical equipment is used during DHI, the prices for DHI hair transplantation procedures are a bit expensive than the others.

Most tourists including Arabs prefer countries like Turkey where is the biggest health tourism destination. Hair transplantation procedures have probably the biggest share in this industry. Turkey is also famous for high-quality low-price hair transplantation procedures performed in numerous hair transplantation clinics. The majority of these hair transplantation clinics are located in Istanbul, where is the biggest city in Europe.

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