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1 Month After DHI

The hair transplantation industry has been developing so fast for the last 20 years. Especially the two famous methods of the industry, Direct Hair Implantation and Follicular Unit Extraction are considered the best hair transplantation procedures in the hair transplant world. DHI is actually accepted as the perfect one these days. Most hair transplantation patients can’t wait to see the good results. It can be so much annoying for a hair transplant patient to wait for some hair growth on their scalp. Most experts almost guarantee that patients will see some growing hair 1 month after DHI procedures.

Not just after DHI, but also after all types of hair transplant procedures, you need to be very careful during the first month of your recovery. Scabs, possible bleeding, pain, swelling, inflammation, redness, and even infection problems should go away during the first month of hair transplant recovery.

The very early days of recovery should be spent at home. Don’t evet move your body because it could badly affect your hair transplant by causing swelling. The more you stay and limit your actions, the better and the faster recovery you will have.

You don’t expect any hair growth 1 month after DHI. Actually, 1 month is the minimum wait time, some people might even wait for 3-4 months to see the first growing hairs on their scalps.

In order to speed up your hair growth and recovery, you need to drink lots of water every day. You should also consume fresh and healthy fruits, vegetables, and grains to increase the speed of your healing process.

DHI procedures promise a faster and better recovery period. People choose this method for both natural results and faster recovery. Most celebrities are known for their choice of DHI for a hair transplant procedure.

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